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Junior Sharepoint Consultant


Översikt över rollen

A Junior Consultant at Unipartner is an exciting & challenging role, as a junior consultant you will work on billable engagements to develop, and implement solutions by using standard or new methods, techniques and top IT Tech solutions. Assignments range in complexity involving basic analysis and problem solving in the context of business solutions or technical applications.


Junior Consultants work as junior trusted advisors providing guidance on the correct application of a solution or technique that consistently deliver high client value.


As a Junior Consultant at Unipartner, you should expect to be integrated in a vibrant and solid practice with a consistent track-record of innovation and growth, sustained by successful project delivery. You will have the opportunity to engage in a win-win relationship with our team, in which you will help us to grow our business with your energy and knowledge, and we will help you to grow in your career with on-going training, coaching and participation in innovative projects that will enable you to develop not only your technical skills, but also a multitude of soft skills that are key in your evolution towards a successful senior consultant.

Your assignments will range in complexity and nature, in alignment with your capabilities and career plan, involving analysis, problem solving and development of business solutions based in SharePoint, integrated in a team that will be there to support you and assure our collective success, within an important managed application contract which you are expected to integrate.

Du kommer att växa, och det gör vi också. 

Vi letar efter smarta talanger med:

  • Minst 2 års erfarenhet.

Tekniska färdigheter:

  • Proven experience creating applications and components based on SharePoint onprem and online.

  • Proven experience with development on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), React and C#.
    Macro understanding of SharePoint architecture (Onprem and Online).

  • Ability to work with related data structures, preferably SQL Server

  • Familiarity with web services and APIs.

  • Experience in version control using tools such as Git and Azure DevOps.

  • Good communication skills and team work

Mjuka och andra färdigheter:

  • Konsultativ profil med god organisations- och dokumentationsförmåga.

  • Resilient team worker.

  • Customer focused.

  • Bekväm i att interagera med olika intressenter inom organisationer i olika affärssektorer.


Obligatoriska språk:

  • Talar flytande portugisiska och engelska.

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