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Accelerating Sustainability with the Cloud

Unipartner’s mission focuses on three key pillars: People, Sustainability and Digital.

We are focused on solving real-world problems and creating business value, accelerating the power of digital technology to achieve sustainable goals.

We believe in leveraging technology not only to drive business success but also to have a positive impact on the world. Our internal and external initiatives focus on creating digital solutions that enable organizations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, proving that accelerating innovation can be the driving force for a greener and more responsible planet.

“Digital Innovation towards a more Sustainable World” at Building the Future 2024

If you weren’t present at BTF24, you can now watch on-demand our session "Digital Innovation towards a more Sustainable World" presented by Fernando Reino da Costa, President and CEO of Unipartner, and Massamba Thioye, head of the Global Innovation Hub of the United Nations. Together, they highlighted how digital innovation can be the catalyst for a green transition, the importance of collaboration between organizations and the positive impact that accelerating this transition can have on our planet.

One of the technologies that has emerged the most in recent years for its transformative potential for a more sustainable future, is the Cloud. An organization that migrates to Azure can be up to 98% more carbon-efficient and 93% more energy-efficient. Cloud has the potential to help reduce climate impact on the planet and enable organizations to act more sustainably, in line with environmental legislation. Its benefits include:

Unipartner’s approach is aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and offers specialized services for the adoption, management and “governance” of cloud or hybrid infrastructures. Our comprehensive set of services is meticulously designed to support organizations through every step of their cloud migration journey. From the initial assessment, where we analyze your current infrastructure and business needs, to advising and designing a tailored plan and strategy, we ensure a seamless transition to the cloud. We go beyond the technical objectives, examining sustainability efforts and ensuring that your cloud architecture aligns with environmental responsibility, allowing you to not only innovate but to do so according to sustainable development goals. 

Moreover, our commitment extends further than the setup and migrating process. We emphasize organizational transformation and innovation, ensuring that your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the cloud landscape. Providing reliable support, we aim to optimize your infrastructure to guarantee performance and cost-efficiency. With a robust governance model, we empower your organization to maintain control, security and compliance in the cloud.

Embark on your cloud journey with Unipartner; a strategic partnership focused on driving your business forward in the digital landscape.

Register for an assessment of your organization here: https://www.unipartner.com/cloud-migration-readiness-assessment


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