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Article | Accelerating productivity with AI - Copilot

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has come to expose the potential and benefits of artificial intelligence in organizations. Its global impact has made AI the most discussed topic of 2023, which has contributed to the creation of a new perspective on productivity, automation, and the future of work among so many other topics.

With demand for AI-based solutions growing exponentially, start-ups and the big industry leaders, the big-tech companies, have begun to introduce different platforms to support innovation and transformation in organizations. At the epicenter of this transformation, Microsoft emerges, which by recognizing the enormous potential of ChatGPT, has become its big investor. Soon, Microsoft designed a strategy to incorporate this innovation into its Cloud offer, and in this sense comes Azure AI and more recently, Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Incorporated in the Office 365 offer, Copilot can be implemented across organizations, in any department, from the areas of human resources, logistics, commercial area, customer service, and compliance among others. This productivity tool, which has now been launched to the public after being implemented in a pilot stage in a series of large companies eight months ago, demonstrates a potential for improving productiveness by about 20%. Due to its integration with various Microsoft tools, familiar to most employees, the solution provides intelligent, real-time support, similar to ChatGPT, powered by the information of the organization itself.

However, to achieve the defined objectives, the adoption of Copilot across the board in an organization must be carried out in a structured manner, with an approach that combines technological knowledge with the operational reality and needs of the organization.

In this regard, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of existing processes, workflows, and applications in the organization, and to evaluate the current information security. The aim of this first step is to identify which activities can be carried out or automated using artificial intelligence, namely the Copilot, in order to reach the desired result.

The evaluation, planning and implementation phase of this process requires a change management plan that allows each employee to use Copilot to be more productive. This plan should motivate change through use cases and accompany people in this process so that organizations can maximize the potential of AI in their day-to-day lives. The ability to navigate through the functionalities and complexities of Copilot requires an understanding of the organization's workflows its specific industry needs, especially considering the dynamic nature of this technological innovation. Following this path, we believe it is possible for organizations to correctly incorporate artificial intelligence into their teams by changing and modernizing their way of working.

Thus, we believe that a qualified, motivated team with the necessary knowledge will allow, in just a few months, the transformation of their way of working with AI. Each employee will be able to increase their productivity by “delegating” some tasks to the Copilot. This change will allow the automation of a set of tasks and create a greater focus on the need to structure what needs to be done (prompt engineering) and in the review process, through a knowledgeable assistant of the topic in question and critical about the output generated.

For these reasons, we say that in the short term, it will not be Artificial Intelligence that will be responsible for the loss of jobs, but the professionals who are able to use it properly and be more productive. This puts pressure on organizations to become more competitive and responsible in terms of training and changing the way they work, using AI.

It is in this direction, with the aim of accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence, namely Copilot or other automated process implementation technologies, such as Azure AI, that Unipartner has been working with some organizations. We believe that each employee can do more valuable activities in greater quantity and with less time.

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