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Closing Session - Unipartner Mentoring Program (2nd Edition)

We are excited to share the news that the curtains have closed on the second edition of our Mentoring Program! The journey, filled with growth and collaboration, saw mentors and mentees unite for a final session where they collectively unveiled the impactful outcomes of their collaboration.

During this closing gathering, mentees took the stage to deliver insightful presentations, offering a glimpse into their initial goals and a reflective overview of their remarkable achievements by its closure. Mentors also took the opportunity to share their reflections on the entire mentoring experience, underscoring how gratifying it was for them personally and professionally. The program not only enriched the mentees but also provided mentors with a unique chance to refine and enhance their own practices.


To all the mentors and mentees who participated in the Unipartner Mentoring Program 2023, we extend our warmest congratulations!



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