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Guilherme Porto on "Accelerating sustainability with the Cloud"

Guilherme Porto delivered an insightful session on the Innovation Stage at Digital with Purpose Global Summit by GESI. Guilherme explored how the connection between technology and sustainability has revealed an immense world of opportunities, and how Unipartner is committed to fostering sustainable efforts through digital innovation.

Our mission revolves around three pillars: People, Sustainability and Digital. We are focused on solving real-world problems and creating business value by accelerating the enabling power of digital technology to achieve sustainable goals. Guilherme Porto highlighted the Cloud as a game-changer technology with these key benefits:

  • Better infrastructure, designed and built for energy efficiency and optimal utilization;

  • Reduced electricity use, in comparison to traditional hardware which requires an uninterrupted power supply;

  • Minimized climate impact, consuming less energy and resources;

  • Flexibility and scalability, allowing organizations to be more agile and innovate their processes;

  • Lower investment required, paying only for the resources needed and used;

Thank you to those who attended our session!


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