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Nuno Ricardo on "Driving a Corporate Sustainability Culture"

Sustainability isn’t just an option; it’s a goal that all organizations should take on board. Both public and private organizations are driving agents who can lead the way to make sustainability and green behaviors a habit in their daily work.

On the last day of the Digital with Purpose Global Summit 2023, Nuno Ricardo presented an inspiring session at the Innovation Stage about two change management programs that support organizations to drive a sustainability focused culture, the “Digital Innovation Factory” and the “People, Sustainability and Digital Challenge”.

Organizations face the challenge of being between their commitment to making a positive environmental impact and the financial considerations that influence their decisions. With this idea in mind, Nuno announced that moving forward, our Digital Innovation Factory (DIF), an immersive co-creation program, with the new Unipartner’s ESG & Business framework will help participating organizations to innovate, find new ideas, understand their needs and come up with solutions for their problems, all the while adding ESG impact and Business Value.

The “People, Sustainability and Digital Impact Challenge”, aims to support organizations to accelerate this transition by involving their teams in an internal challenge. During the summer, Unipartner launched this initiative internally and Afonso Pinto joined Nuno Ricardo on the Innovation Stage to present his team’s winning solution and its positive impact on SDGs.


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